The SkillFully newsletter is created to provide enterprises with useful information on SkillsFuture initiatives. Through SkillFully, we hope to stay connected with you as you power up your workplace “fully” with competitive skills.

SkillFully Issue #7 – Embracing Diversity and Glowing with Inclusivity (PDF, 4555 KB)

Featured stories:
• The Regent Singapore – Redesigning jobs with the heart
• O Brew Culture – A person-centred approach to skills enablement
• Boxgreen – Delivering purpose, one snack at a time
• Commonwealth Capital – Championing skills-based progression

SkillFully Issue #6 – NTUC x SSG Collaboration (PDF, 3059 KB)

Featured stories:
• PM Link – Building better processes and skills
• Fong’s Engineering & Manufacturing – Achieving precision in skills development
• Gardens by the Bay – Germinating seeds of resilience and strengthening the roots for a culture of learning

SkillFully Issue #5 – Strengthening Business Resilience with Digitalisation and Skills Development (PDF, 4592 KB)

Featured stories:
• Bikemart – Riding through the pandemic storm
• Cloversoft – You don’t always need a problem to trigger change
• Hiap Giap Food – Keep up or get kicked out
• Top 10 digital courses taken by enterprises in 2020

SkillFully Issue #4 – JTC x SSG: Uniting for Skills Development (PDF, 2172 KB)

Featured stories:
• DB Schenker and NamZ – Progressive employers tapping on SkillsFuture Work-Study Programme to win the war for talent
• Fei Siong Group – Leaving no employee behind and marching together to brave the transformation
• Top 10 courses adopted by enterprises

SkillFully Issue #3 (PDF, 1757 KB)

Featured stories:
• Prudential: Partnering SMEs through their innovation journeys
• Starbucks: Building a take-home café experience during Covid-19
• The Chinese Wedding Shop: Never too small, too old or too late to innovate