The objective is to train key personnel -- engineers, managers and senior staff of companies--to be technology innovators to achieve manufacturing excellence. This is accomplished by promoting the use of operations management techniques and technologies that support a company's strategy. This will ensure that operations improvements are both effective (aligned to the company's strategy) and efficient (set to achieve the desired productivity gains). The WSQ OMNI Programme offers a proven Operations Management Innovation methodology (OmniMethodologyTM) based on R&D, proven through highly successful applications in various sectors of the manufacturing industry. It consists of two parts: classroom training and mentorship.The classroom training focuses on transferring knowledge in operations management and use of this methodology. The mentorship reinforces the classroom learning by applying the said methodology in the participant's company. At this on-site training, the participant will identify operations improvement areas, generate suitable initiatives and develop implementation action plan that are based on productivity improvements, mentored by SIMTech’s trainers.

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