Implement job redesign to transform your business and attract and retain local talent

The 4D Job Redesign Framework aims to guide cleaning companies in their job redesign implementation through four simple steps to improve the productivity and overall performance of their workforce as well as create value-added jobs.

Who is this for:

The initiative is open to Environmental Services organisations who are keen to become manpower-lean and create value-added jobs and meaningful careers through job redesign.

How you can benefit:

  • Implement job redesign solutions to better productivity and efficiency
  • Attract and retain talent through redesigned, quality job roles
  • Offer skills development and career progression opportunities for better job satisfaction

Implementation resources:

The following resources are available to help you embark on and sustain job redesign efforts. Those requiring funding support can consider the relevant programmes and government grants listed in the 4D Job Redesign Framework digital guide.

  • 4D Job Redesign Framework Digital Guide includes comprehensive self-help resources, including funding information and ready solutions addressing common problem areas that you can easily reference and adopt.
  • Job Redesign Workshops are targeted at helping you better understand and apply the 4D Job Redesign Framework to your business. You will receive guidance on how to develop a job redesign implementation plan based on your key business concerns.
  • Place and Train Programme for Cleaning Specialist (Disinfection Services) enables participating organisations to reskill your existing employees or new hires to take on the enhanced role of Cleaning Specialist (Disinfection Services) and equip them with the relevant skills and competencies for a successful career conversion.
  • Support for Job Redesign under Productivity Solutions Grant (PSG-JR) helps organisations to work with pre-approved consultants to redesign jobs, to make jobs more productive and attractive for employees, so as to help you hire and retain good workers.

Subsidies and funding:

  • Get up to 80% funding, capped at S$30,000 per organisation under the Support for Job Redesign under Productivity Solutions Grant (PSG_JR) to work with pre-approved consultants to redesign work processes, tasks and responsibilities.
  • Applicable until 31 Mar 2022, thereafter, the PSG-JR funding rate will revert to up to 70% of the JR consultancy cost, capped at $30,000 per organisation.

For more information: Call 6883 5885 or email

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