Train, host, and hire mid-career individuals through project attachments at your company

How it works:

The SkillsFuture Career Transition Programme (SCTP) supports mid-career individuals in acquiring industry-relevant skills to improve employability and pivot to new sectors or job roles. It is a train-and-place programme that is available on a part-time or full-time format, ranging from three to 12 months.

The SCTP will be delivered by Continuing Education and Training (CET) Centres and the courses will be progressively rolled out from 1 April 2022 in sectors with good hiring opportunities such as Infocomm and Technology, Healthcare, Professional Services and Manufacturing.

How you can benefit:

All SCTP courses will include industry involvement such as industry attachments and projects. Trainees will also receive employment facilitation support, on top of training.

As an employer, you can partner the training providers to offer industry attachments and projects at your company as part of the SCTP. This will provide you with access to these mid-career individuals and widen your reach to a talent pool to support your manpower needs.

Subsidies and funding:

The SCTP courses are for self-sponsored individuals and will be subsidised at SSG’s prevailing funding rates.

Enterprises will be eligible for the Jobs Growth Incentive (JGI) when you hire the mid-career individuals and upon meeting the JGI conditions.

How to apply:

  • To indicate your interest in hosting short term project attachments or hiring candidates from this programme, complete this form here

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