Become an In-House Registered Training Provider to certify skills training of your employees

If you conduct structured on-the-job training or other classroom facilitated training at the workplace, and are intending to go a step further to formalise the training process, strengthen the training pedagogy and issue nationally recognised certifications to your employees, you can consider applying to SSG to become an in-house Registered Training Provider. Please note that with effect from 1 Oct 2022, SSG will not be accepting new applications for funding of in-house training. However, In-house courses can continue to be submitted for WSQ accreditation only. For more details, please refer to the circular published on TPGateway here.

Read more about the application process here

Eligibility criteria:

How to apply:

  • Submit your Organisation Registration (OR) application through the Training Partners Gateway by logging in using your CorpPass. The OR application includes a fee of S$500 (excluding GST)